Shrub Begonias

Classified as Shrub-Like, these begonias are long flowering, are better suited to growing in gardens, and as the name suggests have a shrub or bushy growth habit.

Begonia listada - A Shrub-Like Begonia
Begonia listada – A Shrub-Like Begonia
  • They can be grown outdoors however, like all begonias they do not like frosts or freezes.
  • Height varies, from smaller plants to large shrubs that will reach 6ft (2m) in height.
  • They also vary in flower colour as well as foliage, some with hairs on the leaves, others smooth.
  • Shrub-Like Begonias all send up a number of stems or shoots from soil level.

Care and Cultivation

  • Light
    Best grown in filtered light with a little morning sun/semi shade, a few will take more sun.
    Too much light will lighten the leaf colour, too little will cause leaf elongation.
  • Soil/Potting Mix
    A free draining soil is essential, like all begonias they like a wet/dry cycle of moisture.
    The lower growing types with drooping foliage are well suited to growing in hanging baskets.
  • Fertiliser
    Regular fertilising during the growing season is recommended.  
  • Temperature 
    As a general rule a temperature range between 51 – 70F works well. (11 – 22C). They will take higher temperatures but will require more shade.

    Examples of Shrub Like Begonias

    • Begonia listada is a good example of a low growing shrub like begonia.
    • B. luxurians is a much taller type that can reach over 6ft.
    • B. Argenteo-guttata
    • B. scharffii,