Acacia Cognata

Acacia cognata
Acacia cognata

Acacia Cognata are a weeping evergreen tree or small shrub. Drought tolerant and with attractive foliage they make a great landscaping plant and are increasingly used in gardens as a feature plant.

The species will reach over 20′ however it is the low growing cultivars that are increasingly popular as a hardy evergreen border plant. (picture right)

Acaia Cognata cultivars have been developed to include dwarf varieties such as Acacia Cognata Limelight. Increasingly popular in the USA Acacia Cognata makes a great low screening plant or specimen.

Care and cultivation of Acacia Cognata

These plants require a well drained soil and a sunny position, they require little to no fertilizer and do not like phosphorous, so use a specialist ‘Australian Native plant fertilizer’ if possible, a low or no phosphorous fertilizer or just a well rotted compost mulch instead.

Although the plant is also known as the ‘River Wattle’ it does require good drainage for most of the year. Generally hardy to zone 9 – 8.

More information

Australian Native plants are popular in the following states : California, Florida, Washington, Wisconsin, Colorado, Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Illinois, although popularity is growing in all states.


  • Acacia cognata – The species itself will reach around 20 ft over time, very attractive weeping foliage with small yellow flowers in spring.
  • Acacia cognata ‘ Cousin It’ – Excellent in full sun to part shade, this is a low growing cultivar that will reach around 2 – 3 ft in height with a spread of 3 – 5 ft.
  • Acacia cognata ‘ Emerald Cascade’ – Will reach 12 ft to 25 ft depending on conditions.


  • As most of the desirable varieties are cultivars, Acacia cognata is usually propagated from cuttings. Not an easy plant to strike.
  • The species can be propagated from seed, try poring boiling water over the seed to remove the hard outer coating before sowing seed.

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