Agapates smithiana

Agapetes smithiana
Agapetes smithiana

With attractive tubular flower yellow Agapetes smithiana is a small shrub reaching around .8m in height.

The main flush of flowers appears in spring, however this is a plant that will spot flowers through summer and fall.

Originally from the foothills of the Himalayas the best position is in a humus rich soil, frost free and with protection from frosts.

Small yellow tubular or cigar shaped flowers in clusters make this an attractive addition to the garden.

Agapetes smithiana Care

Growing well in USDA zones 10 – 11 it is the flowers that hand below the foliage that are the attraction of this species.

Related to Rhododendrons they grow in similar conditions perhaps with a little more light, however not hot afternoon sun.

Generally little to no pruning is required, however plants can be pruned back to maintain a more bushy habit if required. Hard pruning may limit flowering the following year.

Care Summary

  • Best in cool to temperate climates.
  • Humus rich well drained soil.
  • Requires protection from hot summer sun.
  • Acidic soil.
  • Good drainage.