Barleria micans

Sometimes simply called the Yellow Barleria, Barleria micans is originally from Mexico, Columbia and surrounding areas.

A dense multi-branched shrub growing to 1m, flowers are a golden yellow with erect spikes of flowers emerging from contrasting green bracts. Sun or part shade tropical, humid conditions.

In Florida this wonderful plant will flower almost year round, it attract bees, butterflies and birds and adds a splash of color to a shaded area in the garden.

You could try Barleria micans (syn B. oeotheroides) in more temperate climates as long as you can provide adequate water, warmth and protection from frosts.


Originally from tropical areas Barleria micans does require warmth and humidity to thrive.

  • Humus rich moist soil.
  • Best in filtered sun to part shade
  • Prefers a temperate to sub tropical humid environment.
  • Requires a frost free environment


Other Barleria species include:

  • Barleria cristata ‘Philippine violet , Bluebell barleria or Crested Philippine violet.
  • Barleria repens or ‘Red Barleria’.
  • Barleria obtusa or ‘Bush Violet’.
  • Barleria lupulina or ‘Hophead Philippine violet’.
  • Barleria pronitis.
  • Barleria repens ‘Rosea’ (Coral Creeper).
  • Barleria greenii, Barleria Purple gem.
  • Barleria prionitis or Porcupine flower.


Easy to propagate from cuttings taken at any time of the year in sub tropical zones. In more temperate areas take cuttings in spring.