Brugmansia The Angel’s Trumpets

Brugmansia ‘Butter Bonb’

The world of Brugmansia or as they are commonly called ‘Angel’s Trumpets’ is both fascinating and colorful.

With flower colors varying from white through to yellows and red as well as bi color, these look like a tropical plant, they actually grow well in cooler climates as well.

You can buy a range of plants as potted specimens or rooted cuttings both online and in garden centres.

Brugmansia species and more particularly the hybrid plants has become a gardeners delight over the last 15 years with many new hybrids releases by specialist growers.

Brugmansia Mango Color Flower

The flowers of these new varieties are large and vibrant and many are scented.

The flowering period is long, through spring and summer in the cooler parts and almost year round in the sub tropical areas.

Brugmansia candida and brugmansia versicolor are two of the more popular species used in hybridization, large flowers and perfumed.

Brugmansia sanguinea which is the red Angels trumpet is one species that is not scented.

So Brugmansia / Datura are very popular with gardeners in warmer zones such as Florida, California, Georgia, North and South Carolina and Texas.

White Brugmansia Flower
White Brugmansia Flower

They are are also grown in Washington and Oregon and Pennsylvania where they require protection from cold winters and are often grown in containers and over wintered indoors.

If over wintering indoors, cut back before the first frosts and do not water very much or at all over winter, just a little moisture. When the weather warms up and frost are over take the plant outdoors, water and fertilize.

Basic Care

Well suited to growing outdoors in warmer zones 10 – 11, Brugmansia x candida Culebra will need to be overwintered indoors in cooler climates.

For those wanting to grow this plant in colder zones, plant hem in a container. Plants can be pruned back fairly hard in fall, and they will re shoot in spring as the temperature warms up.

Brugmansia sanguinea
Brugmansia sanguinea

Plants are actually best pruned back so that form an umbrella shape. The flowers hanging beneath look best this way.

Container grown plants will require the same humus rich moist fertile soil as those grown outdoors.

Brugmansia varieties and hybrids

Although Brugmansia or ‘Angles Trumpets’ are all from South America they come from a range of climate zones and therefore different species are better suited to warmer or colder climates.

Also known as ‘Angles Trumpets’ because of the shape, and the fact that they are toxic, the main difference seems to be with the original altitude of the species.

Many species can be grown in cooler areas as long as they are in a rich fertile soil and are not subject to to many frosts and cold winds.

And then we have Brugmansia hybrids the most common being Brugmansia x candida which is a cross between B. aurea and B. versicolor

For warmer climates include Brugmansia aurea, insignis, sauveolens, and versicolor.
For colder climates include Brugmansia arborea, sanguinea, and vulcanicola.

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Very easy to grow from cuttings, best taken in spring to summer.

  • The cuttings can be around 1 ft long.
  • Trim the foliage in half.
  • Place the cutting in a container with a humus rich soil mix.
  • Water well.
  • Provide some humidity, and protection from very hot sun.
  • New growth should appear within 2 weeks.
  • Leave in the container until the next spring before planting out.


Growing Brugmansia, Datura or ‘Angels Trumpets is not difficult given the right conditions.

  • All species and cultivars prefer a frost free environment and prefer a humus rich moist but well drained soil.
  • In cold climates they will die back in winter
  • They require lots of compost, mulch and fertilizer – heavy feeders
  • Brugmansias can be pruned to form a standard
  • Protect from wind as branches are brittle
  • Flower color is stronger in semi shade than it is in full sun
  • They can be successfully grown in containers. A large pot will be needed for a mature plant, however we have seen them heavily pruned in smaller containers with masses of flowers.

Where to Buy

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