Camptotheca acuminata


Camptotheca acuminata is native to China and Tibet and makes a very pretty deciduous specimen or shade tree, growing to 20-20 ft with straight trunk and spreading branches.

Also known as the ‘Chinese tree of joy’ or ‘Happy Tree’ this is rare in cultivation.

The Chinese call this Xi Shu, it is a fast growing tree that will quickly reach 60ft. Foliage is a mid to olive green and are ribbed and ovoid in shape.

Used in its natural environment for timber and firewood Camptotheca acuminata is also used for medicinal purposes. Also known as the ‘False Tupelo’ to which it is related.

In the garden it is the large green spreading canopy that is the main attraction. An excellent large shade tree for larger gardens.


Camptotheca acuminata requires a moist warm-temperate climate and a deep, humus rich rich soil with some protection from strong winds.