Caryota ochlandra


Caryota ochlandra is native to China and Thailand, and commonly called the ‘Chinese Fishtail Palm’ .

A hardy tree once established, will grow to 30ft, narrow, blunt ended, jagged leaflets.

The great attraction of all Caryota palm trees is that they grow well in cooler climates and can help add a more tropical feel to a garden.

They do require a protected position, however Caryota ochlandra is the hardiest of them all, it makes a good shade tree as well.


This is a fast growing tree, best in full sun once mature. Will tolerate cool conditions however in dry hot summers some extra water will be required.

Although this is a palm tree that will grow in cooler zones it does not tolerate freezes and heavy frosts. It is better situated on a coastal location.

USDA Zones 9 -11.