Magnolia Kay Parris

Magnolia Kay Parris Foliage
Magnolia Kay Parris Foliage

Magnolia ‘Kay Parris’ is a relatively new release evergreen magnolia which is believed to be a cross between the popular ‘little gem’ an Magnolia ‘Brackens Brown Beauty’. Kay Parris is now readily available for sale in most states.

Holding it’s foliage a little tighter than some other evergreen magnolias and with a more upright habit Magnolia Grandiflora ‘Kay Parris’ makes an excellent landscaping tree or a specimen tree.

Attractive perfumed flowers, strong growing and tolerant of cold conditions. Foliage has a strong felted underside which makes the plant very attractive throughout the year. (foliage is also valued by florists)


‘Magnolia Kay Parris prefers similar conditions to its relatives, try a moist but well drained soil and a sunny position. Growth will be quicker in warmer climates.

Water well for the first two years and provide a cool root run by mulching well. After settling in water is usually only required during summer or dry periods.

  • Growth rate is average around 6′ in 4-5 years and eventually reaching 15′ with a spread of 10′ depending on conditions.
  • Can also be grown in a large pot or container if pruned to maintain a smaller size.
  • Grows well in Zones 7-9.
  • Overwatering or poor drainage are the main problems.
  • Over fertilising can also be a problem.
  • Generally these plants require little care once established except pruning to size if required.


Prune Magnolia Kay Parris in early spring to keep in shape or to a smaller size if required.

Like most plants spent flowers can be removed to improve appearance and encourage a second flush of flowers.

With its dense foliage Magnolia Kay Parris can be used as a screen or hedging plant also suitable as a specimen tree. Growth rate is average around 6′ in 4-5 years and eventually reaching 15′ – 20′ depending on conditions. Also works well in a large pot or container.


Best suited to USDA zones 7 – 9.