Picea Pungens

Picea pungens R H Montgomery
Picea pungens R H Montgomery

Used widely as a feature trees as well as privacy plant or screening tree, Picea Pungens or as it is commonly names, the ‘Blue spruce is aptly named for the wonderful blue green foliage color.

With horizontal branches and a pyramidical habit, Picea pungens can give a strong formal look to a garden when used as a feature tree.

Most species and cultivars are slow growing when first planted and seem to ‘speed up’ once the root system becomes established.

Pictured right we have Picea pungens R H Montgomery, a slow growing compact shrub. Over time ( around 10 years) reaching around 2ft with a spread of 3ft. Excellent dwarf form for growing in containers or in the garden. Well suited to the rock garden.


If planted in good soil, generally little extra care is required. Nearly all species and cultivars are regarded as suitable for USDA zones 3 – 7 with some suited to a wider growing range.

It is important to ensure reasonably good drainage. Additional water during the first few summers may be required.

Best grown in an open sunny position, in a cool to temperate climate.

Picea pungens Varieties

  • Blue spruce – picea pungens (colorado blue spruce or blue spruce)
  • Picea pungens hoopsii
    Blue spruce with silvery-blue needles. ‘hoopsii’ is one of the best upright blue spruce for small gardens.
  • Picea pungens iselli fastigiate
    A narrow growing form iselle fastigate will form a tight narrow spire. looks great along a drivway.
  • Fat Albert
    Not really a dwarf form, but very slow growing.
  • Koster blue and ‘Koster pendula’
    Widely planted form of the ‘blue spruce’.
  • Mission blue
    Bright blue ‘mission blue spruce’ is a slow growing evergreen tree with a pyramidal compact habit
  • Picea pungens moerheimii
    Moerheimii blue colorado spruce to 30ft nice blue form.
  • Picea pungens R H Montgomery
    A slow growing dwarf form.


These slow growing trees can be propagated in a number of ways

  • Stem cuttings – difficult
  • Grafting – Commonly grafted onto Picea abies rootstock
  • Tissue culture
  • Seed – A common way to propagate species


  • Humus rich moist well drained soils
  • Very hot summers are not suitable

Where To Buy

Blue Spruce or Picea Pungens varieties are available for sale from the following Nurseries

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