Plumeria Flower
Plumeria Flower

Plumeria plants are a shrub to small tree grown for the fragrant flowers. Very popular as a cut flower, they are easy to grow in warmer climates and are well suited to Hawaii, California and Florida. Although they can be grown in the more temperate regions of the USA as well as the tropical areas.

Also known as Frangipani and the Lei Flower, the species, ‘Plumeria rubra’ are some of the worlds favourite flowers. Not only beautiful but plumeria flowers have fantastic scent as well.

Growing well in tropical and subtropical climates Plumeria plants have wonderful scented flowers and modern hybrids have added extra diversity. Although they are seen as ‘exotic’ and tropical they can be grown in cooler areas as well, and even grown successfully indoors.

Growing plumeria plants from cuttings or young plumeria plants is not difficult given the right conditions and proper plumeria care. Plumeria flowers are a favourite in Hawaii and are used as wedding flowers.

If we look at the origins of these plants we see that they are from The Caribbean and South America, they were taken to Hawaii and Polynesia where they have thrived and been hybridized. A little later they were taken to Europe and Australia. They do like a warm climate and actually thrive on little water.

So with Florida and Hawaii being favorite places to grow these magnificent trees it is interesting to note that they are also popular in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas and North Carolina. In Oregon, New York and Indiana they are grown where they can be over wintered indoors.

Plumeria plant care

In warmer climates these are easy plant to grow, with a little extra care you can have fantastic blooms that will fill the garden with fragrance.

Plumeria pruning.

Although they do take well to pruning in general Plumeria require very little pruning, it is advisable to remove any dead, frost damaged or diseased wood, and they can also be pruned to keep shape if required. Use a sharp sterile cutting knife of Secateurs to prune.

Plumeria fertiliser.

A high phosphate fertiliser is best to promote good flowering. Fertilise in spring when new growth commences.

Plumeria disease.

Plumeria are subject to disease like most plants. Borer, Sooty Mould, Powdery Mildew, Scale, Thrip and Mealybug are all easily controlled.

Plumeria propagation

It is fairly easy to propagate Plumeria or ‘Frangipani’ from cuttings, although strong and healthy plants are often best purchased from reputable suppliers. If you wish to grow your own plumeria from cuttings here are a few simple steps.

  1. Use a mixture of perlite and potting soil and try a 1 gallon pot.
  2. Take a cutting and dip the tip of the cutting in a rooting hormone.
  3. Place the cutting into the potting mix to a depth of 3-4 inches, stake to prevent movement and water in well.
  4. Place the container in a warm but sheltered position.
  5. Water once a week, until roots form.

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