Arizona Wholesale Plant Nurseries

Wholesale Plant and Tree Nurseries in Arizona provide wholesale plants such as trees, roses and shrubs. Including many drought tolerant varieties such as Acacias, Desert Plants and hardy low water plants. Wholesale growers may specialize in one genus or may grow a wide range of plants.

With climate zones varying from the extremes of sub alpine to desert and tropical desert plant wholesalers in AZ need to be able to supply a wide range of plants to suit these varied conditions. Five distinct climate zones with 1 and 2 to the north of the state being the cooler zones. Zones 3 – 5 can still have cold winters although 4 and 5 are milder.

Over many years established wholesalers have refined their catalogs to include plants that will cope with the desert conditions. The plant pallet has widened to include colorful additions that were previously not readily available.

List Of Wholesale plant nurseries and Nursery Stock in Arizona AZ

6208 N 67th Avenue Glendale AZ 85301
phone: 623.847.6201 fax: 623.847.6241
Desert liner grower, including Acacia, Calliandra, Carissa, Dalbergia, Delonix, Geijera, Lagerstroemia, Olea, Parkinsonia, Vitex, Yucca.

8606 W. McDowell Rd Phoenix AZ 85037
phone 623 936-1100
Good range of low maintenance, drought tolerant plants including, Acacia, Bougainvillea, Yucca, Cactus, Palm Trees, Dwarf Oleander and Olive Trees

13803 W Northern Ave Glendale AZ 85037
phone 623 247-8509
Acacia, Agave, Nolina, Penstemon, Salvia, Tecoma, Quercus, Plumbago, Pistachia, Vitex and others.