Arkansas Wholesale Plant Nurseries

Wholesale Plant and Tree Nurseries in Arkansas AR provide wholesale plants such as trees, roses and shrubs. Wholesale growers may specialize in one genus or may grow a wide range of plants. Includes : container, B&B, Shade and ornamental plants perennial plants.

Climate zones range from 6b to 8a, so a temperate climate, warmer in the lower altitudes and more humid in these areas.

Shade and Lawn Trees are alway sought after by landscapers and both native trees and exotic species such as Ginkgo biloba can be grown in the state. Maples including the popular Acer rubrum or red maple, Acer Saccharum and a number of Japanese Maples all grow well. Many of the Oak trees as well as the evergreen Magnolia grandiflora especially the smaller growing cultivars are popular. Liriodenron tulipera or ‘Tulip Tree’ in both its broad and fastigate forms is popular, excellent fall color.

The flowering dogwoods Cornus species and cultivars and the Redbuds are both magnificent in spring.

1167 E Main St Piggott AR 72454-3008
phone: 870-598-3357
Large Range of shade and ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, conifers, and evergreens. Includes: Maples, Ash, Dogwoods and many more. Wholesale only.

13206 Asher Road Little Rock, AR 72206
phone: (501) 897-4931 fax: (501) 897-4435
Leading grower of shade trees. Includes: Ash, Oak, Maple, Cedar, Pear, Tulip Tree, Willow and many more.

1581 East Main St Piggott, AR USA
Tel 870.667.4155Fax 870.667.4157
Lewis Evergreen is a wholesale and retail nursery offering only the finest balled and burlapped and container specimen plants and trees to markets from Dallas to Chicago.

6733 Parks Rd Van Buren AR 72956-8605
phone: 501-474-1125
Includes: Bedding plants, perennials and hanging baskets