Wholesale Calycanthus Nurseries

Species Include :

Calycanthus floridus
Also known as the Carolina allspice, Calycanthus floridus is a deciduous shrub with mint green leaves and deep red to maroon flower bracts.

It is the fragrance of the flowers, foliage and even the bark that the plant is grown for. When brushed against or crushed they give off spicy fragrance, reminiscent of cloves or ‘all spice’.

Calycanthus occidentalis

The foliage is coarser than C.floridus. Burgundy flowers and known as the Western Spice Bush.

Named Cultivars include :

Calycanthus aphrodite is a hybrid between C. Hawrtiage Wine’ (C. floridus x Chinese species C. chinensis) and then crossed with C. occidentalis. So it have excellent color and good perfume as well.

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