Florida FL Wholesale Plant Nurseries

Wholesale Plant and Tree Nurseries in Florida FL provide wholesale plants, including many tropical plants, including palm trees and foliage plants. Also trees, perennials and shrubs.

Wholesale growers in Florida may specialize in one genus or may grow a wide range of plants. Includes : container, B&B, Shade and ornamental plants perennial plants.

With climate zones that are based around sub tropical to tropical or USDA Zones 8 – 11, Florida nurserymen can grow a different range of plants to those in cooler areas.

The Southerm Magnolia, Magnolia grandiflora, thrives in many areas, us ethe large growing species as shade trees, or the smaller growing cultivars as hedging plants, screens or feature plants. The rainbow eucalypt with its colorful bark is a popular feature (Eucalyptus delgupta) however Chine elms, Lagerstroemia and Oaks are also popular.

Wind resistent trees are essential in exposed areas where Hurricanes can cause havoc. Qurecus geminata or ‘Live Oak’ is worth looking at in this respect. Crap emytle, Bald Pine and Sabal Palms are better than many.

Arange of tropical fruit trees can also be grown in Florida including Bananas, Lychee, Star Fruit, Pineapple, Sapote and Tamarind.

List of Wholesale Nurseries In Florida

by appointment Miami Florida
phone: (305) 246-3125
Palm nursery specializing in rare, exotic and unusual species of palms.

9625 Happy Hollow Road Delray Beach FL 33446
Phone/Fax 561-499-3367
email atchisonex@aol.com
Wholesale grower of pre bonsai and imported bonsai tropical bonsai flowering bonsai 10 acre nursery est 1995 ficus toolittle, elm fukien tea, california certified shipper.

(864) 476-0960
We run wholesale delivery routes to the following cities:
Florida: Jacksonville, St. Augustine, Hilliard.
Servicing garden centers, florists and interior scapers on weekly delivery routes to FL, GA, SC & NC . Go to PlantTruck.com to see prices, availability and delivery schedule.