Wholesale Plant Nurseries by State

Nurseries Online Wholesale provides State by State contact details for plant nurseries supplying the landscaping, government and retail nursery industry.

One of the advantages of sourcing plants for landscaping projects or garden centres locally, within your own state or neighbouring states is that plants may not need to acclimatise, plants brought from different climates may need time to settle in.

All wholesale nurseries will be able to easily guide you through any quarantine regulations, this is essential to prevent any spread of disease or insect pests. Many nurseries will carry a range of plants best suited to local conditions, some exotics others local and native to the area.

So if you are looking for trees, liners, plugs, perennials, Ornamental Grasses or Palm trees, ask yourself, why not start with a nursery near me.

  • Wholesale Nurseries in general supply the trade in large quantities of individual plants, or quantities of selected plants to fill a landscaping, or garden centre need.
  • Nurseries are grouped by state, although it is often worthwhile looking at neighbouring states with similar climate zones.
  • Be aware of regulations regarding plant transport between states.
  • Some nurseries have set up nationwide transport and distribution systems.
  • From independent family run nurseries to large corporations wholesale nurseries vary greatly in what they have to offer.

State listings include

  • Nursery Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Summary of specialist services and plants.

These listings are updated periodically or as advised by listed nurseries in an attempt to remain up to date and relevant.

Although you can also search by plant species, looking locally provides access to plants acclimatised and suited to local climate and soil conditions.