Although Acacia plants are found in many countries, the majority of those used in gardens and landscaping come from Australia. This does have an impact on where and how they are grown in the USA. Some of the main factors are climate, soil, drainage and the use of appropriate fertilizers.

Being drought tolerant Acacias are suited to warmer and drier zones, they do however require adequate water when being established. Drainage is also important, in poorly drained areas, most acacias will not survive.

Given a warm climate and appropriate growing conditions the next factor is successfully growing Acacias is fertilizer. In the natural environment they are a plant that grows is soils that are depleted of phosphates, so low or no phosphate fertilizers are essential.

Acacia Varieties

Some of the most valuable Acacias are the cultivars, and Acacia cognata is one species that has provided some very useful garden plants. The species is a weeping small tree, however smaller growing cultivars that reach only 2 ft in height make excellent ground cover plants.

Flowering varieties are numerous with yellow flowers being the predominant color. With these varieties you can look at large trees that will reach over 50ft in height. Again it is the lower growing types that have earned more of a place in the garden. A number of prostrate forms are also sold including the useful Acacia redolens prostrata which has a number of named cultivars including ‘Desert Carpet’ and ‘Low Boy’.

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