Bamboo is widely used by landscapers as a screening plant as well as an ornamental plant, with some varieties being suited to to use as timber.

Popular Bamboo varieties include :

Phyllostachys bambusoides (Giant/Madake/Timber Bamboo), Phyllostachys bissetii, Chusquea culeou (Chilean Mountain Bamboo), Phyllostachys heterocycla pubescens (Moso Bamboo), Fargesia murielae (Umbrella Bamboo)

Bamboo Common Names

It is always a little confusing when common names and botanical names are mixed up, here a few well know Bamboos with common names.

  • Blue Bamboo – Bambusa chungii
  • Graceful Weavers Bamboo – Bambusa textilis ‘Gracilis’
  • Golden Goddess Bamboo – Bambusa multiplex ‘Golden Goddess’
  • Seabreeze Bamboo – Bambusa malingensis Seabreeze
  • Alphonse Karr Bamboo – Bambusa multiplex ‘Alphonse Karr’
  • Buddha Belly Bamboo – Bambusa ventricosa
  • Caribbean Lemon-Lime – Bambusa eutuldoides ‘Viridivittata’

Wholesale Growers of Bamboo include

Twin Creek Farms
32551 S. Needy Rd.
Canby, Oregon 97013

McKenzie Valley Bamboo
38751 Camp Creek Rd.
Springfield, Oregon 97478

Viewcrest Nurseries
12713 NE 184th St.
Battle Ground, Washington 98604

Bamboo Sourcery Nursery Tel (707) 823-5866
666 Wagnon Road,Sebastopol, CA 95472
Suppliers of bamboo for landscapers, both clumping and running bamboo suited to a range of applications

Caldwell Nursery Tel 281-342-4016
2436 Band Road, Rosenberg, Texas 77471