Wholesale Callicarpa for sale in the USA

Grown for the very attractive berries as well as the green foliage Callicarpa species are found in America, China and Australia they vary in growth habit, however many are well suited to landscaping and they do make trouble free plants.

Growing naturally in woodland situations they will flower in part shade, however the flowers themselves are not the main attraction, rather the bright coloured berries that follow. The berries are help close to the stem and the Beautyberry flowers on new growth.

In colder climates the winter will knock these plants right back to the ground, so it is great they flower in the new growth.

In warmer zones plants can be pruned back in fall.


  • Callicarpa bodinieri – (Bodinier’s Beautyberry) includes a number of desirable cultivars such as Callicarpa bodinieri var. giraldii ‘Profusion’ 6 ft – 12 ft in height depending on soil and climate.
  • Callicarpa pedunculata – (Australian Beautyberry) An evergreen species tall growing to 20ft, often smaller.
  • Callicarpa americana – (American Beautyberry) A deciduous species reaching 3 ft – 6ft in height.
  • Callicarpa japonica – (Japanese Beautyberry) A deciduous species reaching around 6ft in height.

Callicarpa are available for sale from the following wholesale growers

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