Wholesale Conifer Tree Nurseries

Conifer trees are available in a number of species suited to Landscaping, Hedging, Revegetation and commercial lumber production.
Form Abies to Tsuga, conifers are some of the most widely grown garden plants in the USA.

Specialist growers offer conifers ranging from groundcover types, through to large specimen and feature trees. Landscapers can find a variety to suit just about any application. from broad spreading trees to those with a columnar or upright habit.

Dwarf and miniature conifers are particularly popular and useful in urban landscaping situations. With foliage that can vary in colour through the 12 months of the year, some species with attractive cones.

The genus contains species with foliage form yellow and lime green through to reds, orange and deeper greens, depending on species and the time of the year.

Many dwarf species are well suited to growing in containers. Plants are usually sold by wholesale growers as container grown, with some field grown B & B also available.


5865 Steeplechase Dr. Bartlett, TN 38134Tel : 901-438-1912
Fantastic Plants is a  mail order nursery specializing in Japanese maples, dwarf conifers, and other new, unusual, and rare -trees, shrubs, and perennials.

538 Billy Jones Rd Morrison, TN 37357Tel : (931) 635-3205
Wholesale grower of Container, B&B, Shade and Ornamental trees. Specializing in Evergreens. Varieties Maples, Pears, Dogwoods and many more. Visit our website for more varieties.

14990 SE Orient Dr  Boring, OR 97009 Tel : (503) 668-6000
We are a 200 acre nursery in Boring, Or. providing plants for the nursery industry along with hands-on brokerage of some of the finest conifers and Japanese maples  available in the Pacific Northwest.

ISLAND PARK, LLC52 E. Elmwood Road Menands, NY 12204
We are a wholesale b&b grower of landscape stock. We grow flowering, shade and conifers.
Tel : C: 802-379-8373 – O: 518-465-6074 – F: 518-462-2482
Web :

552 Ave., Crofton, NE 68730.
phone : 402-388-4276 (office) and 402-640-7809.
We grow as many as 120 species of native North American trees and shrubs, conifer and deciduous, no cultivars or hybrids. We grow from seed in forestry root-training containers with media volumes from 350 ml to 1650 ml. We employ copper, and aggressive air-pruning techniques to facilitate fibrous root development and we inoculate with mycorrhizae. Deciduous trees meet target size, and are available for sale by mid-August of the 1st growing season and conifers are available the following spring. We sell retail and wholesale and are licensed by Nebraska Department of Agriculture.

1167 E Main St Piggott AR 72454-3008
phone: 870-598-3357
Large Range of shade and ornamental trees, flowering shrubs, conifers, and evergreens. Includes: Maples, Ash, Dogwoods and many more. Wholesale only.