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Michelia come in a number of varieties and although some have been reclassified the old names are still widely used. Some species and cultivars are suited as tall feature or screening trees, others such as Michelia yunnanensis are better suited for use as hedging plants.

In recent years Michelia have been re classified as Magnolia, however they are still widely called by the old name. Growth rate varies greatly between varieties with M.doltsopa being fast while the Port Wine Magnolia M.figo is slow.

All species and cultivars are easy to prune.

Michelia Varieties

  • Michelia x alba (syn Magnolia) with fragrant white flowers and large glossy foliage this evergreen tree is originally from Southeast Asia. It is regarded as a ‘lucky tree’ by some. Reaching around 24ft in height it can also be container grown which will restrict size by up to 60 %. Best in zones where it will be sheltered from hot dry winds.
  • Michelia yunnanensis. Excellent as a hedging plant, small foliage ensures it takes well to pruning. Small white flowers.
  • Michelia figo
  • Michelia champaca.
  • Michelia doltsopa is a large evergreen tree with masses of snowy white flowers, easily pruned to size, flowers not as fragrants as M x alba.
  • Michelia champaca alba.
  • Michelia figo ‘Port Wine’


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