Oak Trees

Wholesale Oak Trees Nurseries

Oak Trees. Oak trees or ‘Quercus’ are one of the most popular large shade trees available. Oak trees are varied and it worth exploring different species for suitability before planting.

Oak Trees are a large spreading tree that do best in cool to temperate climates. The ‘Bur Oak’ or Quercus macrocarpa, ‘Pin Oak’ or Quercus palustris and ‘Northern Red Oak’ or Quercus borealis are all popular large trees.

Oak Trees are slow growing and have a tight grained wood that is popular for furniture production.

Oak trees need to be planted with some thought as to the final size. Being large growing they need some space.

Oak Tree species include:

  • Black Oak Tree
  • Bluejack Oak Tree
  • Bur Oak Tree
  • Chapman Oak Tree
  • Cherrybark Oak Tree
  • Chinquapin Oak Tree
  • Cork oak Tree
  • Darlington Oak Tree
  • Gobbler Oak Tree
  • Landscape Sawtooth Oak Tree
  • Lanier Oak Tree
  • Laurel Oak Tree
  • Live Oak Tree
  • Northern Red Oak Tree
  • Nuttall Oak Tree
  • Overcup Oak Tree
  • Pedunculate Oak Tree
  • Pin Oak Tree
  • Post Oak Tree
  • Red Southern Oak Tree
  • Running Oak Tree
  • Sand Live Oak Tree
  • Sawtooth Oak Tree
  • Sessile Oak Tree
  • Southern Red Oah Tree
  • Shumard Oak Tree
  • Swamp Chestnut Oak Tree
  • Turkey Oak Tree
  • Water Oak Tree
  • White Oak Tree
  • White Swamp Oak Tree
  • Willow Oak Tree


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