Wholesale Plant Nurseries

Nurseries Online Wholesale offers a unique way to find wholesale plants. Designed to meet the needs of landscapers, developers and government bodies who are looking for plants from wholesale growers.

We list plants by type, species and genus with an A – Z plant index. The wholesale section of our directory is firmly targeted at nurseries who do not deal with the general public.

With 100s of species offered from wholesalers across the country the selection is wide
You can search for specific plants or browse the wholesale categories listed
Nurseries can add details with a simple email to us
Remember that Wholesalers sell in bulk and generally not to the public
Wholesale nursery plants, flowers and garden plants. Wholesale Plant Nurseries, tree nurseries and nursery pots. Growers of plants, trees and shrubs who supply garden plants directly to the nursery trade and to landscapers. Wholesale Plant Nurseries in the US may specialize in trees or shrubs, roses or perennial plants. Palm tree nurseries often carry a wide range of tropical plants as well as palm trees.

What do wholesale plant growers offer

Wholesale Nurseries offer a range of trees and plants to the landscaping industry as well as to Retail Garden suppliers.

Wholesale Nurseries are located in all States and many nurseries supply both interstate and countrywide and offer a wide range of plants, trees, roses, perennials shrubs and bushes.

How are the plants grown and delivered ?

Trees and shrubs from wholesale plant nurseries range from small container grown trees to large trees and shrubs suitable for use as specimen plants. Wholesale landscape trees and shrubs are available for delivery directly to construction sites from many suppliers.

A -Z Guide to Wholesale Plants