Tillandsia ionantha

One of the sum loving species Tillandsia ionantha likes good sun, around 6 hours a day as a minimum. It is best (Northern Hemisphere) in an east or west facing window indoors as south facing can provide a little to much bright sun, particularly in summer.

Tillandsia ionantha var. maxima
Tillandsia ionantha var. maxima

This is a species that has very attractive peachy red flowers and does have lots of flowers.

Although not as large as some over time Tillandsia ionantha will reach around 6 – 8 inches in height.(15 cm to 20cm)

Also known as ‘Huamelula’ this is regarded by many as one of the prettiest of all if the Tillandsia, however, for us T. dyeriana is one of the other Tillandsia species that wins hands down.

While Tillandsia xerographicais said to be the largest species.

How to Care for Tillandsia ionantha

  1. Soil Mix
    You can grow this plant without soil, simply attached to a piece of wood or even a wire frame.
    You can also hang in a glass bowl or similar.
    Many growers use a specialist potting mix, and as long as it is free draining thats OK.
  2. Watering
    Watering is to mainly to some humidity indoors. Mist spraying is the best method. Say 3 times a week.
    Soaking is sometimes recommended, however soaking is drought with dangers, so if you must, just dip the plant in water and remove it immediately.
    We would generally only do this on very hot dry days. And then allow the plant to sit in moving air to dry it off.
    Always gently shake off excess water to avoid rotting.
    Always use water that has been sitting for a few days to allow any chemical to burn off.
  3. Propagation
    Easy from pups, you can remove them once they reach a good size or leave to grow into a ball.