Agave queen victoria-reginae variegata

A are and slow growing succulent Agave queen victoria-reginae variegata is one of a number of forms of this popular agave.

Agave queen victoria-reginae variegata
Agave queen victoria-reginae variegata

Mid green foliage with white striping towards the centre of each leaf make this a standout specimen plant.

Over time this is a plant that can reach around 18 inches in height. The leaves are thornless on the sides however each leaf has a sharp point on its tip.

The leaves are stiff with a strong keel that gives them rigidity. It differs from the ‘White Rhino’ which has variegation on the leaf margins and ‘Kizan’ with its broader and creamy yellow margins.

How to grow Agave queen victoria-reginae variegata

You will need a well drained soil in the garden or a specialist succulent and cactus potting mix in a container.

  • Best grown in good morning sun and with some protection from hot afternoon sun in summer.
  • Protect from frosts and avoid freezes.
  • Water only when the potting mix/soil is dry, usually about once every 4 – 6 weeks when you should water it deeply.
  • During winter avoid over watering as cold and wet conditions can kill the plant.
  • Overwatering can cause root problems as well as lax growth.


Like other agave species,Agave queen victoria-reginae variegata will flower after 8 – 12 years, creamy white flowers on a tall spike.

After flowering it dies. However the flowers usually set seed so you can start propagation all over again. And of course on some, but not all varieties there are always the offsets or pups that can be separated as they appear.