Conophytum species in Flower
Conophytum species in Flower

Conophytum are a small succulent plant from South Africa and Namibia.

They form small rounded cone shaped bodies and come in a range of forms, in fact with more than 100 species and many more varieties this is a diverse group of plants.

Conophytum blandum
Conophytum blandum

Popular Conophytum species include :

  • C.maughanii
  • C.bilobum
  • C.pageae
  • C.luiseae
  • C. blandum

Conophtytums are not the same as Lithops although they do thrive in growing conditions that are very similar.

Conophytum Care


Generally Conophytums require bright filtered light with some morning sun, avoid hot afternoon sun to prevent leaf burn.


Conophytum trunctum Outdshoorn
Conophytum trunctum Outdshoorn

Water regularly through the active growing period which is during the cooler months. You can also mist spray Conos during these months.

As a guide water once every 7 – 10 days during active growing period however always check that the soil has dried. As spring comes around cut back on watering.

When the growth cycle starts in late summer to fall begin watering again, a deep watering and them allow to dry before watering again.

Growing medium and Fertilizer

A free draining potting mix is essential. Repot every 3 – 4 years. Fertilise when repotting, Conophytums do not require much fertiliser, so do not over fertilise.

Conophytum bilobum
Conophytum bilobum

Propagating Conophytum

Propagation is by division as well as from seed.