Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’

Bred in California Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’ is an old yet still much sought after hybrid  of Echeveria  agavoides x Echeveria colorata.

Echeveria 'Frank Reinelt'
Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’

It is slow growing at first but well worth the wait at mature specimens display beautiful colour especially in the cooler months when the brilliant reds show through.

In cold climate zones you will need to overwinter this one indoors. In warmer zones it cam be grown outdoors. The colours are enhanced both by cool temperatures and good exposure to sun.

This is naturally a compact or ‘tight’ growing agavoides type, best suited to growing as a specimen in pots or containers, however also suited for planting in numbers in larger containers.

Growing Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’ Indoors

If you are growing Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’ indoors make sure it gets good light and is not overwatered. Near windows is a great position, however be careful during warmer months not to let the leaves suffer from sunburn. It is also best to rotate the plant every 4 – 7 days to prevent it reaching for light. A summer holiday outdoors can be beneficial if you acclimatise the plant slowly

Common Questions

  • Does Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’ need sunlight ?
    Yes it does, especially if you want the wonderful red colourings.
  • How large does it get ?
    Well this depends on conditions, but over time to around 8 inches across.

What are the top tips for looking after Echeveria ‘Frank Reinelt’?

  • Give it a free draining potting mix.
  • Give it lots of light.
  • Don’t over water.
  • Keep humidity low.
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