Calathea Medallion

Regarded as one of the foliage plants for indoors Calathea Medallion has foliage that looks like feathers, also known as Calathea veitchiana it does require a little extra care, but well worth the effort.

Calathea Medallion syn. Calathea veitchiana
Calathea Medallion syn. Calathea veitchiana

How to Grow Calathea Medallion

This is a tropical to sub tropical plant and grow naturally in filtered light with some humidity. So light, soil moisture and humidity are all important care aspects to growing this attractive indoor plant


Most importantly Calathea Medallion needs a position away from direct sun, indirect or filtered light that mimics dappled shade is essential.

If you find that the foliage is fading and losing its distinctive colour chances are it is receiving too much direct sun.


All Calathea enjoy moist soil but well drained soil.

A mixture similar to this should work

  • 50 percent good quality indoor potting soil.
  • 20 percent peat moss
  • 10 percent charcoal
  • 20 percent perlite

For a ready made mix try an African Violet Potting soil which is readily available.

Repot in spring and try every 2-3 years

Watering Calathea Medallion

This is a plant that likes regular watering, keep the soil moist but never wet and soggy. Allow the soil to dry just a little between waterings.

leaves that begin to curl are a sure sign of under watering.


In dry conditions the leaves will tend to turn brown, so an increase in humidity is required.

Try filling a saucer with pebbles and then with water. Sit the pot with your Calathea Medallion on top of this and it will get an increase in humidity.

You can also mist spray with room temperature water. The best time to mist spray is in the morning and then again mid afternoon. This gives the foliage a chance to dry before cooler night time temperatures.

Avoid placing the plant near heating or air conditioning ducts.

TOP TIP – Place humidity loving plants close together as they will create a more humid micro climate.


Daytime room temperatures that are between 65°F and 80°F (18°C – 27°) are good.

Night time temperatures should be no less than 55°F (12°C)


As you are growing this plant indoors, a low odour liquid fertiliser is best. You can also use a slow release granular fertiliser.

Over fertilising should be avoided as it can cause burning to the root system as well as irregular growth.

Keeping the Foliage Clean

Like most indoor plants the foliage of Calathea Medallion will collect dust and this detracts from the look as well as plant health.

Clean the leaves with a soft damp cloth, room temperature water and clean both sides. Avoid leaf cleaning products and products that are designed to add ‘Shine’ to the foliage.


Fungus Gnats can be an issue, so avoid then by topping off the potting mix with a layer of fine gravel or decorative stone. The Fungus gnats find it difficult to lay their eggs in the stones.

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