House Plants

If we look at a list of the most popular house plants in America a short list would read something like this

  • Monstera deliciosa – However add Monstera adansonii to this and rising fast are the variegated forms.
  • Pothos, commonly called Devils Ivy, its a tough climber and a must for those who have a habit of neglecting indoor plants.
  • Maranta leuconeura the Prayer plant, this one is grown for the very attractive foliage
  • Sanserevia or ‘Snake Plant’ this is another tough one and it comes in a number of varieties, all suited as houseplants
  • Pilea the Money Plant, agin its fairly easy and attractive. and don’t confuse this with the Money tree, or Pachira aquatica, thats the one where the trunks of 3 or more plants are woven or braided together.

Ferns including the Boston Ferm and Maidenhair fern are also popular.

However thats only the tip of the Iceberg, because different plants are popular in different states and even USDA Zones. And some although they make great houseplants are just not that well known.

A – Z list of Popular House Plants :

So while the Swiss Cheese plant is popular in Alaska, California, New York and 15 other states, the Chinese Money plant comes out tops in Washington,Georgia and 4 other states.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig is top of the pops in Iowa, Tennessee and 5 other sates and the Prayer Plant comes out on top in Florida, and why not it is easier to grow in Florida than other states