Dracaena draco

This is the Canary Island Dragon Tree, and Dracaeana draco makes a unique indoor plant for larger spaces as well as a great landscaping plant for warmer climates.

Dracaeana draco
Dracaeana draco

This is a slow growing succulent, spiky blue green foliage and a branching habit that gives it a strong architectural look.

How fast does it grow? Generally about 10m years to reach 3ft (1m) in height.

Why the name Dragon Tree ? Some of the Dracaena species produce red sap as they get older, cut the stem and the sap looks like blood. Dracaeana means Dragon so Dragons Blood Tree of simply Dragon Tree becomes the common name.

This is a very long lived tree, indoors in a container it can live for over 10 years before it outgrows the pot. However you can prune these trees back and they will reshoot, so you can keep, them going for many years in large enough pots.

How to Grow the Dragon Tree

Outdoors it is easy if you live in USDA Zones 10b and above.

  • Choose a sunny position.
  • A well drained soil is required.
  • Water through the first few summers.
  • Remove dead foliage as it dries out.
  • You can grow this tree in slightly cooler zones, depending on the position and soil.

How to grow the Dragon Tree indoors.

  • Choose a reasonable sized container, around twice the diameter of the rootball.
  • Use a free draining potting mix. Add some gravel or perlite if needed.
  • Water only when the soil dries out.
  • Keep the plant in a position in good filtered light.
  • Fertilize once a year with a slow release type organic fertilizer.
  • Indoors, with heating and drying air conditioning a little extra humidity will be beneficial.
  • Repot only when the plant outgrows the container.


  • Yellow Leaves – More common on indoor plants where fluoride is in the water. Solve this problem by allowing water to sit in a bucket or watering can for 24 hours before watering.
  • Leaves dropping off or drooping. – The plant will naturally drop some older leaves, however excessive leaf drop indicates root problems caused by poor drainage or over watering. Solve this by re-potting into a free draining potting mix. Trim off any rotting or soft mushy roots before re – potting.
  • Plant growing tall and not bushy – Off with its head, cut the top out of the plant and it will branch out.
  • Can I Prune Dracaeana draco ? Yes, cut the head off, it will be shorter and then it will send out 2 – 3 branches.
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