Dracaena goldieana

This is a species that grows in shaded areas, Dracaena goldieana comes from Nigeria, Cameroon and the Democratic Replicator’s of Congo. Not grown as commonly as Dracaena marginata, however a very attractive plant with a natural upright habit.

Dracaena goldieana - Zebra Striped Dragon Tree
Dracaena goldieana

Grown for the very attractive ornamental foliage and fragrant white flowers that open at night. This is not a commonly found plant, however as an indoor plant it is well worth seeking out.

This a tropical to sub tropical plant, and understory plant, so some humidity, a well drained soil with adequate moisture but never wet and soggy, and filtered light is the key. Deep shade will cause poor foliage colour.

Is Dracaena goldieana toxic to cats? Yes if they eat the leaves.

How to Grow Dracaena goldieana Indoors

Choose a pot that is not to large for the plant.
Use a free draining potting mix. Mix is 1/3 gravel or perlite if the potting mix is heavy and moisture retentive.

A general purpose indoor plant potting mix is ideal.

Place in a position where the plant receives good filtered light not direct sun, so south or west facing in the Northern Hemisphere.

Indoors a temperature of around 75F is ideal. Keep the plant away from cold drafts, air conditioning ducts etc as it does not tolerate cold temperatures, anything below 60F can be a real problem.


Over time this is plant that can reach 12ft plus in height. Indoors in containers usually no more than 6ft. The best time to repot is from spring to early summer, and the size of the pot will be determined by the size of the plant.

Remember not to use pots that are to large for the plant.

Growing Outdoors.

Really best suited to USDA Zones zones 11 and above. So for growing outdoors, in the garden it needs these temperatures.

Watering Dracaena goldieana

Water as soon as the soil commences to dry, the soil should remain moist but never waterlogged

Use water that has been allowed to stand for 24 hours or more. This allows the water to get to room temperature, so no sudden cold shocks for the plant. It also allows chemicals such a chlorine and fluoride to burn off a little.

When watering, give the plant a deep watering, usually around every 10 – 14 days.
You can water from above, watering until the water flows through the pot. OR water from below, stand the pot in a bucket of water for 15 minutes and then allow to drain thoroughly.

You can place a saucer beneath the pot to collect excess water, however always empty this to prevent root problems.

Dracaena goldieana Problems

  • Yellow leaves usually indicate a lack of water.
  • Brown edges usually mean overwatering. A soft trunk and soft brown leaves indicate severe overwatering.
    If you have overwatered your Dracaena Marginata you will at least need to let the soil dry for 2 -4 weeks. In extreme cases you may be best to re-pot the plant into a fresh, free draining potting mix.
  • Leaves Falling Off
    Usually over or under watering.
  • Drooping Leaves
    This can indicate root rot caused by overwatering. Also possible from under watering.
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Summary Information

  • Botanical Name – Dracaena goldieana –
  • Common Names – ‘Queen of Draceanas’, Zebra Striped Dragon Tree,
  • USDA Zone – 11 plus.
  • Soil – Humus rich and well drained
  • Position – Bright filtered light.
  • Height – To around 9ft (3M) Usually less in cultivation
  • Spread – To Around 1m.
  • Foliage – Mid green with a pale grey green variegation. Ovate in shape.
  • Flowers – Small bell shaped and white.