Acer Palmatum Orangeola

Regarded as one of the best Japanese Maples Acer Palmatum Orangeola is a weeping variety. The foliage if finely dissected and gives a soft lacy look. New foliage emerges an orange colour before settling into a red green brown combination in summer.

Acer Palmatum Orangeola

Acer Palmatum Orangeola

The height of Acer Palmatum Orangeola will depend on where you buy the tree. Being a weeping tree, Orangeola is grafted, and the height of the graft will determine the height of the tree.

We find that those grafted as 6ft (2m) specimens work well as this allows the naturally weeping foliage tube shown off in the best manner.

Foliage lasts late into the season before turning to an orange/red in autumn/fall.

Landscaping Uses

Used as an ornamental feature tree in the open garden where its natural growth habit can be appreciated.

Also possible to grow Acer Palmatum Orangeola in large containers in courtyard situations.

This is one of the better Japanese maples to grow in warmer climates, it is more tolerant of heat and suffers less foliage burn than  most other varieties.

Planting Acer Palmatum Orangeola

Choose a protected position and a well drained soil.

Ensure that the tree will have enough space to grow into, Japanese Maples do not like to be over crowded.

  • Dig soil over well adding compost and aged cow manure in poorer soils.
  • Plant at the same height as the maple was in its container.
  • Stake and water in well with a liquid seaweed fertiliser
  • Mulch around the tree out to the drip line. (where the foliage ends)
  • Fertilise with a slow release organic fertilizer in spring.
  • Maintain mulch as the foliage spreads.


All grafted Japanese maples will benefit from pruning. Dead wood needs to be removed and over time the canopy can become very dense. The dense canopy can detract from the look of the tree and also cause die back in heavily shaded parts. 

We suggest the following video series may be of use for those who grow grafted Japanese Maples.

Description Details

  • Botanical Name : Acer Palmatum dissected ‘Orangeola’
  • Common Names : ‘Orangeola’ Japanese Maple
  • Height : Depends of the graft height, around 2m (6ft)
  • Spread : To around 2m
  • Growth Rate : Slow to medium, but faster than many others.
  • Position : Temperate climate zone protected from hot afternoon sun and hot drying winds.
  • Soil : Humus rich and well drained.
  • USDA Zones : 5 to 9
  • Flowers : Small red flowers followed by red winged seed pods.
  • Drought Tolerant : No, only light drought tolerance.
  • Frost tolerant : Yes