Dudleya Species
Dudleya Species

Some of the unsung gems of California and Mexico are the Dudleya species. They are related to echeverias, however we think they more than deserve a little attention.

With around 45 species discovered they are a fleshy leafed succulent, mostly rosette forming and many making excellent garden plants or specimen plants in containers. They are long lived and go under the common name of ‘Live Forever’.


All species like a warm climate and good drainage. They also require good light through the year. Frost must be avoided and over watering is the main cause of problems with Dudleya species.


Propagation of all Dudleyas is mostly from seeds, and from offsets. Leaf cuttings do not work. When the rosettes are separated from the parent plant they will sometimes set down roots. Some growers do this deliberately if the stem of the plant becomes to long and a little unsightly.


The most unusual species would be Dudleya densiflora, also known as the San Gabriel Mountain ‘Live forever’. Very upright finger like foliage.

Dudleya species include:

  • Dudleya anomala
  • Dudleya anthonyi
  • Dudleya attenuata
  • Dudleya brittonii
  • Dudleya caespitosa
  • Dudleya candida
  • Dudleya cultrata
  • Dudleya cymosa
  • Dudleya edulis
  • Dudleya gatesii
  • Dudleya gnoma
  • Dudleya guadalupensis
  • Dudleya pachyphytum
  • Dudleya pulverulenta
  • Dudleya saxosa
  • Dudleya virens