Begonia albo-picta var Rosea


Begonia albo-picta var Rosea
Begonia albo-picta var Rosea

Begonia albo-picta var Rosea is a cane- begonia that will reach 3-5 ft and is originally from from Brazil. Green leaves with silver spots on upper surface and nice pink flowers, fairly hardy and easy to grow.

This is one of the toughest of all of the begonias for growing indoors. Although it thrives in good conditions, it will survive with a fair amount of neglect.
Widely grown as an office plant, it will survive for weeks with no attention. It may look a little sad, however given a good watering it bounces back well in a matter of days.


Begonia albo-picta var Rosea grows well in full sun to part shade. A well drained humus rich soil. Do not over water. Prune to maintain shape.

Best grown in a container in all but the warmest zones.

Bring the plant inside as winter comes around and leave indoors until, the danger of frosts is over. Excellent on a glassed in porch or verandah.


Propagation is easy by division of established clumps, or from stem cuttings.


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