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Aeonium arboreum 'Velour'

Aeonium sometimes called the ‘Tree Houseleek’ are originally from the Canary Islands and nearby areas. A succulent plant that is easy care and does well in pots and can make a great feature plant. This group of succulents include :…

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Agave attenuata

Seen by many as one of the most attractive of all of the Agaves, Agave attenuata does indeed have great shape and form. Characteristics that make it a popular plant for growing in containers and pots. A perennial succulent with large rosettes…

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With attractive foliage year round, Haworthia species provide a great deal of variety in small growing succulents. With fleshy foliage, often patterned with brown or white spots they make excellent container plants. Many species have translucent leaves and these are…

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Rebutia muscula

syn. Aylostera muscula Originally from the southern parts of Bolivia, Rebutia muscula, (Aylostera muscula) with furry snowy white white spines and contrasting bright orange flowers to 2cm is a fascinating plant. In time this is a clump forming species and…

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